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December 19, 2008


page 1 - World AIDS Day by Jay Matthew, (photos p. 17); California Supreme Court grants review of Prop. 8; photo from TG Day of Remembrance (article p. 9, photos p. 16).

page 2 - Waterhouse Report: "State Health Care Services Ignored the Law" by Dan Waterhouse; The Local Efforts (No on 8) Need Help by Robin McGehee; Fresno LGBT Resources.

page 3 - NewsLink information; advertising information; Community Link information; Fresno LGBT Calendar for December and January.

page 4 - Fresno News - Imperial Dove Court report by Greg Lucas; Vote No On 8 Efforts Continue; Vagina Monologues; Expression Not Suppression; Fresno Stonewall Democrats' guest speaker Diana Oliva; ads - the North Tower Circle.
page 5 - Fresno News - You Can Help Feed the Local Hungry; A Review of Voices in Exile: Stories of Lesbian Mormons by Jay Hubbell; TG Law Center Needs Assistance in Central Valley; ads - Reel Pride Night Out!.

page 6 - Fresno News - Bowlers Get Competitive by Kirk; Golden State Bears' Bake Sale; ads - Deja Vu NightClub.

page 7 - Fresno News - Calling All Talent!; It Was Just One Day After Thanksgiving...; Santa Bear Has a Full Lap; Golden State Bears' New Officers; ads - the Den.

page 8 - Fresno News - Let Anger by Chris Jarvis, (continued on page 9); ads - Red Lantern.
page 9 - Fresno News - Let Anger, continuted; Fresno Transgender Day of Remembrance recap by Zoyer; ads - Closet Ball King & Queen Anniversary Royalty; Golden State Bears, Knights of Malta.

page 10 - Fresno News - Camp Care In Need; Show We CARE; Light Up The Night For Equality; Calhoun's Cannon by Ann Calhoun, the Bay News; ads - Meditation Classes.

page 11 - Legal Briefs; ads - IDC Closet Ball 2009.

page 12 - California Briefs.
page 13 - U.S. Briefs; ads - It's A Queer Thang.

page 14 - World Briefs; ads - Counseling Associates Cynthia Callaghan, KAOS Headquarters, Jeffery Robinson LMFT, Friant Pharmacy, Community Alliance, London Properties - Barbara Martin, Bulldog Pride Scholarship Fund, Gina Keller PsyD LMFT.

page 15 - San Joaquin Valley North Link - Light Up The Night For Equality; Bear Club Forming in Modesto by Chris Dominick; TG Persons Sought; MEUSA Survey; At the Brave Bull; ads - Light Up The Night For Equality, Tiki Lounge,,,

page 16 - Photos from Knights of Malta Xmas Show by Kirk; Photos from Golden State Bears' Santa Bear by Kirk; Photos from Fresno's TG Day of Remembrance by Rachel Joy Bowman and Kirk.
page 17 - Photos from World AIDS Day in Fresno by Tony Lane; Fresno Rainbow Pride 2009 Logo Contest.

page 18 - San Joaquin Valley South Link - The Bakersfield LGBTQ and GSA Forum; Light Up The Night For Equal Rights; At Casablanca...; The Empties; ads - Chiropractic Center, Wild Willy's.

page 19 - San Joaquin Valley South Link - Porterville LGBTQ Working On A Logo; T.E.D.G.; New GLAD Night at Blitz; New Community; PFLAG Tulare-Kings Holiday Potluck; Visalia Gay A.A.; photos from World AIDS Day in Bakersfield; ads - John Richardson DDS, Melissa Cuneo LCSW, PFLAG Tulare-Kings,,

page 20 - Religion & Spirituality; ads - Fresno Youth Alliance, Bulldog Pride Fund.
page 21 - Religion & Spirituality; list of GLBT-friendly church services; ads - KSL Travels.

page 22 - Trans Positions; Lesbian News; ads - All Breed Pet Sitting,, Michael Craghead Stables, Gazebo Gardens, Countrywide Debra Goodson, London Properties Don Smith, Brass Unicorn, Fresno Center for Non-Violence, Fresno County Adoptions & Foster Care.

page 23 - Marriage News; Family Matters; ads - Spin This Productions, Creative Ideas & Images,  Lori Kearney Photography.

page 24 - Queereadings; ads - WestCare.
page 25 - Ads - Wildcat Enterprises.

page 26 - In The Arts and Media; ads - Chase Flower Shop, Bullog Travel, London Properties - Tom De Bey, KSL Travels, J. Stanley Teixeira, Sue Stone MD, Telephone Services of California, Tower Health.

page 27 - Ask Uncle Barbie; ads - Rainbow Bowling League,, American Cancer Society, Tacos Marquitos. page 28 - Lesbian Events; ads - Gray Alliance, CCA Talent Show.
page 29 - Lesbian Events; GLBT Centers in California; National GLBT Resources.

page 30 - Diamond Exchange by Bob Diamond; NewsLink distribution points; ads - Valley Stone Works.

page 31 - Project Fashion by Adam Eddie Albrecht; Horoscopes by Eric Biglione; regular GLBT and GLBT-friendly events in Fresno; ads - Club Babylon.

page 32 - Community Link information.