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Imperial Dove Court p.2

GayCentralValley p.2 p.2

The Den p.4

The Express p.5

The Red Lantern p.6

The North Tower Circle p.7

Yosemite Knights p.8

Bulldog Pride Fund p.9

Golden State Bears p.10

It's A Queer Thang p.11

Fresno Youth Alliance p.11

Tacos Marquitos p.12

KSL Travels p.12

All Breed Pet Sitting p.13

CW Ceramics p.13

Michael Craghead, American Saddlebread Horses p.13

Pet ER p.13

Spin This Productions p.13

Elizabeth Escalante, Event Planner p.13

Wild Willy's p.16 p.17 p.17 p.17 p.17 p.17 p.17

Melissa Cuneo, LCSW p.17

John Richardson, DDS p.17

GLAD Casino Royale p.17

Tiki Lounge p.18

Mark Lungren, Chiropractor p.18

Gazebo Gardens p.20

Brass Unicorn p.20

Aloha Rainbow Lock & Safe p.20

Picadilly Inn Airport Catering p.20

Fresno Center for Non-Violence p.20

Church For Today p.20

Don Smith, London Properties p.20

Fresno County Adoptions & Foster Care p.20

Starbucks p.21

Chase Flower Shop p.21

Tom DeBey, Keller Williams Realty p.21

J. Stanley Teixeira, Attorney p.21

Telephone Services of CA p.21

Sue Stone, MD p.21

Tower Health Foods p.21

Gray Alliance p.23

Meditation Classes p.23

Wildcat Enterprises p.24

Cynthia Callaghan, LCSW p.25

Friant Pharmacy p.25

Barbara Martin, London Properties p.25

KAOS Headquarters p.25

Dark Angel Photography p.25

Bulldog Pride Fund p.25

Jeffery Robinson, LMFT p.25

Community Alliance p.25

Gina Keller, PsyD, LMFT p.25

Pink Pages p.26

Community Link p.28



P.O. Box 4959 * Fresno, CA 93744 * (559) 266-LINK


March 19, 2010


page 1 -

"20 in 2010: Is Pride Still Relevant?" by Jeffery Robinson, CEO Community Link;
Roy Ashburn's World Comes Crashing Down by Chris Jarvis,


page 2 - The Waterhouse Report:

"Another Homophobe Turns Out To Be Queer" by Dan Waterhouse.


page 3 -

NewsLink information;

advertising information;

Community Link information;

Fresno LGBT Calendar for March and April.


page 4 - Fresno News -

Equality California's Canvass;

Softball Teams Up And Playing by Chris Jarvis & Brooke Burke, &;

Disney Program Ends;

GLBTQ Wellness Fair;

"How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying".


page 5 - Fresno News -

Community Link's Rainbow Bowling League season ends;
Community Link's Rainbow Bowling League summer edition;
Queer Volley Ball.


page 6 - Fresno News -

Imperial Dove Court report by Krystal McGuire & Tony Lane;

Valor On Valentine's Day by Nigel Medhurst,


page 7 - U.S. Briefs.


page 8 - U.S. Briefs.


page 9 - As Chris Sees It:
"Don't Ask Don't Tell Don't Listen Don't See..." by Chris Jarvis,


page 10 - Marriage Briefs.


page 11 - U.S. Briefs.


page 12 - Youth News.


page 13 - list of GLBT-friendly church services.


page 14 - Galleries -

International Bear Rendezvous 2010.


page 15 - Fresno Rainbow Pride info.


page 16 - San Joaquin Valley Link.


page 17 - San Joaquin Valley Link.


page 18 - San Joaquin Valley Link;
Lesbian Events.


page 19 - Lesbian Events.


page 20 - Queereadings.


page 21 - Project Fashion: "Dreamt of Poe Fashion Show" by Adam Eddie Albrecht;
Heatstroke Health & Fitness: "Hypertension" by Ron O'Blake.


page 22 - Lesbian Events;
Marriage Briefs.


page 23 - Marriage Briefs.


page 24 -



page 25 - Ask Uncle Barbie.


page 26 - Horoscopes by Eric Biglione;

In The Life;
Fresno LGBT Calendar, continued from p.3;

Recurring Fresno Events;

NewsLink distribution points.


page 27 - Local & National GLBT Resources.


page 28 - Community Link info.