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P.O. Box 4959 * Fresno, CA 93744 * (559) 266-LINK info@communitylinkfresno.com

The 26th Annual Central Valley & Fresno's GLBT Pride Parade and Festival will take place on SATURDAY, June 4th 2016 in the Tower District between 10am and 3pm.

Past Pride Events




KFCF 88.1, one of our Media Sponsors, will be broadcasting LIVE from their booth at the festival between 10am and 3pm! If you can't make it to Pride, but you want to feel like you're there - visit KFCF's website to stream audio or tune in to KFCF 88.1 FM!

The winning design for this year's Pride is by Kirk Caldwell. There were 3 entries in the contest, with several logo variations, for a total of 10 submissions.


Our 2015 Sponsors:











Fresno Rainbow Pride announces the selection of some pretty amazing individuals to be honored as Grand Marshals.
Your 2015 Grand Marshals are:
Jeromie & Rod Hansen, proprietors of The Painted Table and community supporters.
Patricia de Leon, accomplished make up artist and impersonator/performer extraordinary and community supporter.
Patsy Del Rey, Past Empress 7 of Merced and the 34th Empress for the Imperial Dove Court.
Tiana Perez, organizer of the Fresbians and current member of the Board of Directors for REEL Pride.
Robert Griffin, Imperial Dove Court member and volunteer.



Join the MEN'S MIXER and the PROFESSIONAL OUT WOMEN as both group meet simultaneously at Veni Vidi Vici -- located in the heart of Fresno's Tower District.
Come celebrate with our LGBTQ+ Community, Friends and Allies on the eve of Fresno's 25th Annual Pride Parade & Festival.
Friday, June 5th. 6-8 pm at Veni Vidi Vici, 1116 N Fulton St. Bring a friend. Stay for dinner. PHONE: 559-226-5510. ONLINE: Veni Vidi Vici
Men's Mixer

DINE FOR PRIDE at Tacos Marquitos (a gay owned business) on Wednesday, May 20th from 7am -9pm (NEW DATE & TIME) Please come have Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner with us. Tacos Maquitos is located at the Northwest corner of Barstow & Cedar at the Bulldog Plaza, 1772 E. Barstow Ave.

WERK IT FOR PRIDE 3 at Club Legends - Tue, May 19th starting at 9pm $5 donation at the door. Come out and see some of the best performers in the Valley. 3075 N Maroa Ave. 21+ only.

THE PRIDE SHOW - Saturday, May 30th - 8pm. A special DRAG SHOW at a very different venue. A user friendly hour for the many of us who enjoy get out early and it’s in a non bar atmosphere. Donation $6. Special Adult drink special. Come see a wide variety of drag performers and support pride. This is being held at Tacos Marquitos' banquet room at 1772 E. Barstow, northwest corner of Cedar and Barstow in the Bulldog Plaza. All ages welcome.



The Fire Department’s conditions of approval of this year's LGBT Parade and Festival include the following:

- Each booth using electrical lamps, appliances, etc., and/or any type of cooking equipment must have on the premises a minimum 2-A:10-B:C rated portable fire extinguisher which has been inspected and tagged within the past year.
- No flammable or combustible liquids may be utilized for cooking or other purposes. LPG containers shall be limited to a maximum capacity of 25 gallons aggregate per booth. Empty LPG containers are prohibited.
- No electrical cords are permitted across the center of the public way. Electrical cords extending to adjacent stores must be taped down or otherwise covered to protect pedestrians.
- Membrane structures, tents or canopies shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification size and fabric or material type. All tents/canopies must be labeled as flame retardant meeting the criteria of NFPA 701 and must be CSFM listed. 2013 CFC, Section 3104.3
- All compressed gasses (i.e., Helium or CO2) must be secured from falling.


The Pride Parade Committee is now meeting weekly in an effort to make final preparations for the 25th Annual Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival, set for June 6th, 2015! When we first started meeting in January, it seemed like we had all the time in the world and it felt like we had everything already figured out! Well, forget that!! We're now frantically scrambling to settle things we thought were settled and we're constantly finding new problems to solve!
We discovered we're too late to order new Rainbow Pride banners for Olive Avenue. Last year, we could see that a few of our banners that we've hung for several years were beginning to look tattered, and some couldn't even be hung. So we looked into new banners for the Pride event, but we didn't get them ordered in time to get them up this year. We'll just have to go with the banners we've got for now. But it's not too early to start saving up for new banners for next year, right? The billboards we rent for the month before the event should be visible shortly. Look around the Tower District! Have you seen the billboards?
Jeffery Robinson reported to the committee recently that, as usual, the City of Fresno permits that are needed in order to hold the Annual Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival will only be finalized by the City of Fresno the week before the event. Jeffery noted that although he was told the application was the same as last year, there were additional questions that he wasn't prepared to answer-like how big the flags might be that parade entries could be carrying! Really? And waiting for last-minute permits to be issued is stressful, no doubt!
Sponsorships and Rainbow Pride Donations are still a bit low! Hey, Fresno LGBTQ community! We could use a little more money to make your Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival a success! You can send your checks to Community Link, PO Box 4959, Fresno, CA, 93744! Or go to the Community Link website at fresnorainbowpride. com and make a PayPal donation! Or use Gofundme. com to make a donation! We're hoping a few more local charities will have fundraisers before the event as well! Every dollar counts!
We've chosen our Grand Marshals for the parade! We still need to get pictures and biographies completed so that they can be published in the Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival Program book. We're also still gathering advertisements for the program book. If you have a convertible automobile you wouldn't mind driving for the Grand Marshals, let us know! You, too, could be waving your way down Olive Avenue on the 6th!
Our headliner entertainers have been set and they're ready to go! This year we're expecting the Bobbleheads, from the Bay Area, to warble a few songs, and we have a new local entertainer, Sky, who is going to belt out a song from his new album. We heard the Raging Grannies are interested in returning as well, but we're not sure they're going to make it!
We still need volunteers and safety monitors to help with the parade and to help put up and take down all the canopies, tables, and chairs for the festival! It's a lot of work! The more help we get, the easier it is to make this event happen!
We need a super electrician for the event! “Bear” who usually helps with the electrical connections from the generators cannot be found. Our Electrical Generator Queen, Rachel, cannot pull the big electrical cables needed for the task! Oh, where, oh, where, is our Electrical Bear?
The Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival is just a few weeks away! Help us out however you can


Fresno Rainbow Pride is in need of good hearted members of our community and our allies go step forward come to our aid.
The Pride Parade and Festival, just like our parent organization, Community Link, is an all volunteer organization and has no paid staff and extremely little overhead.
We depend on the Community for financial support as well as people power.
We have had a few important and key organizers who need to take a short term leave this year.
The Pride event needs people just like you who want to give back to the community and be a part of a team of amazing individuals for make it all happen. Here are the positions we are looking to fill and you may be the exact person we are looking for!

Electrical Person
To help lay out and set up our generator, cabling and spider boxes.

Beer Servers
Folks to pour beer & wine from 11am -3pm

Someone who can check all IDs for those purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Street/Safety Monitors
We need at least 25 individuals that will help us keep the parade route moving smoothly. Reminding people to stay out of the street and using caution tape to block off the small residential streets along the route. This is a big part of our agreements with the city and Fresno Police Department. Without our street/ safety monitors we would not be able to absorb the cost for additional Fresno Police officers.

Booth Coordinator Helpers
Folks that will work with our booth organizer between 7am -9am to direct our vendors to their space, helping get their table and chairs as needed. Check out staff from 3pm -5pm to help give the vendors back their cleaning deposits. Easy breeze work.

Festival Helpers
Pride members who can help set up “easy up” canopies (it works best t have teams of 4 for each canopy). Set up our kick back areas for the community to hang out with their friends. We have patio tables and chairs and rainbow umbrellas that need to be arranged.

Banner Carriers
Two people are needed to walk down the parade route carrying FRESNO RAINBOW PRIDE’s Banner with Pride
Two others to carry Community Link’s Banner
Two to Carry the Gray Alliance’s Banner. The banner is a little too much for our seniors.

Banner Hangers
Fresno Rainbow Pride and Community Link has Banners that need to be hung at the official Pride booths, 1st Aid, Information, Festival Gate, Children’s Garden, Youth Alliance, Gray Alliance, Community Link, Rainbow Bowlers, Queer Valley Ball and others. “Easy Peasy” type of things.

On Thursday Morning, June 4th we need a group of people to come help us load the Pride Truck with all of the goodies and equipment that we have at storage for putting on these Pride Events.

After Saturday Pride is not over and we really need some help unloading the Pride truck. On Sunday Morning we will be emptying out the Pride Truck and inventory and repairing the equipment so we are ready to go next year.

Master Recycler
If you are environmental aware we would like for you to become our recycling guru. We need to mach sure we cut down on usable material going to the land fill and also help us off set the costs of this hugely expensive Pride Celebration.

Dykes on Bikes
Hey Ladies, women, womyn, Dykes - Fresno Has always had the parade led by the Women’s Motorcycle Contingent and being our 25th anniversary it just won’t be right to have you rev those machines up and thrill the crowd.

Just Married Procession
We are looking at creating a festive and colorful procession of Just Married car flotilla to travel down the Pride aisle in celebration of the wedded bliss. No fee required this entry is open to those that have been married fro year, those recently married and those so to be married.

Registered your participation at the link above this update.

Horse Riders
What is a parade without a few horses. So if you have a horse and want to ride give us a call 559-486-3464

March 2015

Fresno Rainbow Pride $25 for 25th

Fresno Rainbow Pride LGBT Pride Parade & Festival is gearing up for its 25th annual pride celebration on Saturday, June 6, 2015 in Fresno in the heart of the Central San Joaquin Valley of the great state of California.
Our campaign’s goal is to get 100 people to give $25 or more for our quarter century anniversary. Our hope is to raise at least $3,500. If you believe in equality, fairness, and human dignity we encourage you to join with us and make a donation today. For us LGBT folks living in the California Bible Belt our freedoms and some times the lack of those freedoms are very prominent in our daily lives. Help us celebrate the accomplishments we have made as a community and “Make Pride Bright”!
Come on, everyone, “Get your Pride On!”
Fresno Rainbow Pride is a project of Community Link, Inc. a 501 (3) non-profit community service organization. Your donation is a tax deductible contribution and is a statement of Pride.
Thank you for your time, energy and donation.

Jeffery Robinson
Community Link CEO
Fresno Rainbow Pride Coordinator

Visit http://www.gofundme.com/ot7690 to donate!

Dear Pride Partners,

It is that time again in which Community Link is reaching out to you as the “Backbone” of Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival. Your financial support of the Central Valley's only LGBT Parade & Festival is indispensible.
I hope you continue to feel deep satisfaction of being one of our Pride Partners and that you will continue to be closely associated with us as we celebrate our 25th anniversary of LGBT Pride here in Fresno.
Your undertaking of being a Pride Partner and joining with other civic-minded individuals, couples and families ensures that Fresno Rainbow Pride is an accessible and awareness-raising celebration. A celebration of who we are as a community, and where we still need to go to achieve all of our human rights.
You share with us and enable us - as the full Pride Team - to bring our LGBT culture, achievements and, yes, even our struggles to the forefront of the greater Fresno/Central Valley society on this one day of the year, in the month of June, known internationally as Gay Pride month. A month during which we honor those in our community who had the courage to say: “Enough is enough” at the Stonewall Inn and demanded that we would not stand being treated as criminals and second class citizens any longer.
We will be “Remembering… Riots! Rebellion! Revolution!” of the 1969 Summer of Love on Saturday, June 6, 2015 in Fresno's historic Tower District. We will also be honoring our own rebellion of 1990, when Fresno stood up and hosted our first ever LGBT Pride Parade & Festival, and stood toe to toe with the Ku Klux Klan, clearly stating that we were here, we were queer and everyone had to get used to it.
Here is where you can once again stand for what is right by making a huge impact - join our community of the Pride Partners to help underwrite this important but costly day of celebration and defiance.
Last year, the Pride Partners were our biggest and most important source of financial assistance. The Pride Partners gave over $7,000 to Pride and we will need to secure at least that amount again this year.
Our expenses always seem to grow and our estimated costs this year will approach $50,000.
Here is a general estimate of the 2015 Pride event. It is only a partial itemization hitting the biggest ticket items that we know for sure will be included in this year's event.
City Permit Fee ...$378, Fresno Police Department Services...$1,500-$2,000, Insurance...$1,652, Traffic control...$ 1,000, Children's activities...$800, Staging, canopies, tables, chairs…$4,500. Equipment Transport…$900, Dance canopy...$400, Equipment Storage...$1,400, Parade Transport / Vehicles ... $550, Security...$1,000, Entertainment Dressing room...$500, Sound Equipment...$2,000, Fencing...$2,500, Port-a-potties…$600 Trash Disposal…$250, Electrical Generators...$700 Entertainment …$2,000-$5,000, Street Banner installation (putting up/taking down) ..$2,000, Promotional/Advertising...$3,000.
For these items alone: $31,130.00!
There are numerous smaller budget items and there are always unexpected costs associated with doing business with the city and county.
All said and done we need you, our Pride Partners. Those of you who will undertake becoming a Pride Partner will guarantee that we have a successful celebration of 25 years of Pride in the Valley.
Community Link is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit community service organization and your donation is tax deductible. Send your check made payable to Community Link to Fresno Rainbow Pride, P.O. Box 4959, Fresno, Ca. 93744 or you may make a PayPal donation directly on our website.

Parade & Festival

Fresno's Annual Pride Parade and Festival is intended to help bring diversity to Fresno's community while also celebrating the culture and creativity of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) community. This event is family-friendly and intended to increase the level of inclusiveness and acceptance of LGBT+ individuals in our community. This annual parade and festival brings over 3,000 people from all over the Central Valley together to enjoy festivities while being their authentic selves.
This event will include a parade of over 40 contingents, various informational booths and food vendors, speakers, music, live performers, and an award ceremony to honor individuals who have made a positive difference in Fresno's community.
Hosted by Fresno Rainbow Pride, a project of Community Link, which is a community benefit organization that works to promote the social wellbeing of individuals within the LGBT community through education and entertainment.
Saturday, June 6th , 2015
Parade 10am to 11am: in the Tower District along Olive Ave., from Palm Ave to Maroa Ave.
Festival 11am to 3pm: along N. Fulton St. and Alhambra, entrance off of Olive and N. Fulton.
It's important that every community in Fresno feel support from others. Fresno Pride Parade and Festival is an opportunity show communal acceptance and increase LGBT+ awareness. Applications are now available at www.fresnorainbowpride.com or may be picked up at any location that carries the News Link newspaper.

Bodies and Minds Needed - YOURS!

No, this not an episode of A&E’s Walking Dead. Fresno Rainbow Pride needs people to come help plan and stage this year’s Pride Celebration. This is a working group and not just brainstorming sessions. Please join us to make Pride into the LGBT celebration of the year. Something fitting for a 25th pride birthday party for Fresno and The Central Valley.
Our meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at Tacos Marquitos, 1772 E Barstow Ave, at Cedar and Barstow. Upcoming dates are: March 25th, April 8th, and then weekly: April 15th, 22nd, and 29th, May 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th, and our last meeting before Pride is June 3rd.
Big Fundraising Meeting

The regular Wednesday March 25th night Pride meeting will be devoted to FUNDRAISING PLANNING. If you can help us raise the $15,000 that Fresno Rainbow Pride needs through fundraising activities such as shows, car washes, dining out fundraisers, and anything else. We ask anyone who can help us to attend this meeting so we can get a calendar together and venues scheduled.

Pride Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Becoming a Pride Sponsor is simple and very rewarding. Becoming a sponsor is time sensitive and as the clock ticks some advantages can slip away. Get your pride on and show your support the LGBT community and the LGBT community will show their support of your business and services.
Go to fresnorainbowpride.com and download a PDF copy of our Pride Sponsorship Packet.
Don’t delay, be our Superhero today!

February 2015

An Open Letter to our City, County, State and Federal Elected Officials

Dear Policy Maker,
The LGBT Community would like to cordially invite you to attend Fresno's 2015 Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 6th in the historic Tower District. The annual Pride Parade and Festival is a day in which the community is invited to celebrate the courage, culture, and diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) community. Pride is a way to celebrate one's authentic identity as the LGBT+ community continues to make larger strides to full equality. Pride will begin with a parade of over 50 contingents, each representing a LGBT+ or LGBT+ friendly organization or business. The parade will begin at 10am, covering Olive Ave. from Palm to Wishon Ave., and will end at 11am. After the parade, attendees will be admitted to the festival portion of the event, beginning at 11am and ending at 3pm, on N. Fulton Ave.
The festival portion of Pride will have a resource fair with information about local agencies, vendors selling a variety of delicious refreshments, live entertainment, and an awards ceremony. The theme for this year's Pride is "Remembering... Riots! Rebellion! Revolution!" to represent the enduring resilience the LGBT+ community has maintained in pursuit of total equality.
Your attendance at this event would speak volumes. So many in our community continue to be inspired because of persons of authority who show visible support for all communities, including ours. You are being asked to join the growing support for this cause and the welfare of this community. Pride originally began as a result of the riots at the Stonewall Inn in 1969, and today Pride in the Tower District is the single biggest LGBT+ event in the entire Central Valley, bringing over 3,000 in attendance.
It is important that you show your constituents that you support all communities and Pride is a great way to target a considerably large number from the LGBT+ community at once. The LGBT+ community is also a very loyal community, and has a history of helping LGBT+ inclusive politicians maintain their political support and image as one who supports social equality. This is an opportunity not worth missing; let this event be the first of many occasions in which we can work together!

An Open Invitation to all to become a Pride 25 Sponsor
Generate more diversity in your community and become a sponsor of Fresno Rainbow Pride's 2015 Pride Parade and Festival! For years this has been an event that has inspired diversity, equality, liberation, and the joy of being our authentic selves - please help ensure this event is sustained!
You can be the strong support that we need to perpetuate the culture and festivity this event brings to Fresno's Tower District every first Saturday in June for the past twenty-four years. You, as a valuable member of society or a member of an important business/ organization in the valley are essential for maintaining the creativity and vigor attendees of this event see and appreciate every year. For many years, Fresno Rainbow Pride - the committee of dedicated and dynamic individuals that host Fresno's annual Pride Parade and Festival - have both struggled and triumphed in order to sustain the event and obtain the necessary funds to produce such an event. This committee has donated so much of their time, personal funds, and talent to create something special for their community in the form of a colorful parade, respectful vendors, and fabulously memorable entertainment.
But even this committee would not be able to put on this timeless event without sponsorships from caring and compassionate individuals like you. Now is the time to show your community support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their families by becoming a sponsor of an event that serves as an important cornerstone for the Fresno community. Please help us ensure that this event will reach the same success as it has for so many years. Your sponsorship is not only a show of your support, but of your awareness of the power of community and pride!

Applications now available for Vendors for Pride 2015

Increase your business and the diversity of your consumers by participating in the 2015 Pride Parade and Festival, put on by Fresno Rainbow Pride, a project of Community Link. For years, Community Link has hosted Fresno's annual Pride Parade and Festival in the Tower District, bringing together over 3,000 people from all over the Central Valley to enjoy entertainment and festivities. It is with pride that we invite your organization to be present for this event: to have an opportunity to increase your business as well as expose thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender(LGBT+) individuals and their families to vendors who are supportive of them. Traditionally the LGBT+ Community has always remained exceptionally loyal to businesses friendly to their community. Any business can expect that their dollars will follow that line of loyalty. Take advantage of this opportunity to generate more exposure for what you offer to consumers as well as expand variety of your business's supporters. As our community is known for returning support, participate in our events and we will remember you when it comes time to shop again!

Come Get Your Pride On!

Jion the Pride Team - a group of fun motivated peoplke working to make Pride the evenet of the year. We meet on Wednesdays at Taco Marquitos at 630pm. Good food! Good fun! Make for a great Pride. Our next meetings are 2/25, 3/11 and 3/25 - come join us. Also come out and help us spruce up the Rainbow Parkette on Saturday, February 21st from 10am -12noon, located at Fulton Street and Alhambra!



Theme & Logo

Community Link has chosen the theme and logo for Fresno Rainbow Pride Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Parade and Festival in 2014.

The theme is "LIVE and LOVE PROUDLY"!

Congratulations to Kirk Caldwell on the winning design!


June 7th marked the 24th annual LGBT Pride Parade and Festival here in Fresno and the Central Valley, and 45 years since the Queens, Dykes and Gay Street Kids fought back, started a revolution and rioted through the streets for 3 days proclaiming we would not be invisible ever again.
Many do not realize that Gay Pride Parades commemorated all around the world are celebrating those three days of rebellion.
We have come a long way from the days when we could be arrested, forcibly outed in a city newspaper in an attempt to shame us, fired from our jobs, thrown out of our housing and sometimes forced into barbaric conversion treatment programs to “Take the Gay Away” - and many other forms of persecution.
What we have seen this year so far:
45 years later Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Americans can serve openly in the armed services. Additionally, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stated that the prohibition on Transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military should be reviewed.
On May 30th it was announced that Medicare can no longer automatically deny sex change operations (sexual reassignment surgeries.) A federal board ruled that the procedures are medically necessary for people who do not identify with their biological sex.
As of today there are 18 states and the District of Columbia that honor marriage equality. 3 states offer Civil Unions or Domestic Partnerships. 12 states have issued favorable court rulings in favor of marriage equality. Additionally, 8 Native American Tribes allow same-sex marriages. 20 countries offer protections for same-sex marriages, including United States and Mexico, which do not have complete nation wide equality as of yet, but is getting there.
On the international level we have a lesbian Prime Minster Johanna Sigurdardottir of Iceland and two gay Prime Ministers in Europe. Belgium’s Elio Di Rupo, became the first openly gay head of state when he was elected, and in 2013 Luxembourg elected Xavier Bettle.
In California we have had an openly gay man and an openly lesbian woman as our consecutive Speakers of the Assembly: Assemblyman John Perez, who just stepped down due to term limits and who is running for State Controller against Fresno’s conservative Mayor, and Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, who was sworn-in in a ceremony on May 12th as the new Speaker.
Locally we may have the opportunity to have our first gay Fresno City Council person representing District 1. On the sports scene, we have applauded many gay athletes competing in the Winter Olympics; Michael Sam became the first gay football player picked in the NFL draft (and his celebratory kiss with his boyfriend was shown on national TV). NBA basketball player, Jason Collins, got a contract, was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential individuals, and his entry was written up by former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Both Sam and Collins got shout-outs from President Barack Obama.
We are truly “Living & Loving Proudly”, moving on up and looking forward to the positive changes we will see this year, the next and beyond.
What we will hopefully see in the coming year:
In the last week we have seen a Wisconsin court case goes our way and 500 couples get married before a stay is issued.
We will continue to see similar court verdicts until the US Supreme Court issues a decisive opinion and the last of the marriage bans come to an end in every state within our union and the U.S. territories. We will see more countries embracing marriage and family equality as well.
Openly LGBT adult scoutmasters. Former CIA Director under President Bush and Former Secretary of Defense under President Obama, Robert Gates who is currently the president of the Boy Scouts of America states that he would have allowed gay adults as scoutmasters into the organization. But that he will not press the issue any time soon.
Hopefully ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) passage and signed into law will happen this year. There is a new push by LGBT advocacy groups to make this a reality. This equality bill has been around in one form or another since 1976. If we can fight and die for our country we sure should be able to work without fear of being fired simply because of who we are.
More states should join California and New Jersey in protecting minors from reparative therapy. Along with more states creating safer schools acts with a focus on anti-bullying policies and interventions.
In the sports world who will be the first active out professional baseball and hockey players. It’s now the time to be the change we all need and want to see. I am looking forward to where we will be next year.

In Pride, Jeffery Robinson
Fresno Rainbow Pride

Parade Winners:

Most Festive Entry - Chase Flower Shop
Largest Contingent - First Congregational Church of Fresno
Best Float - Club Legends
The CEO’s Award - Planned Parenthood


Our 2014 Sponsors:












Thank you to all those who stepped up and organized a fundraising event for Fresno Rainbow Pride in 2013! See below!

Our 2013 Sponsors:




Fresno Rainbow Pride Gives Thanks and Recaps Pride 2012!

by Jeffery Robinson, Fresno Rainbow Pride Coordinator

It is said that takes a village to raise a child, BUT I can tell you it takes a community to raise pride. People, their time, energy, efforts, and spirit are irreplaceable.

There are so many people to thank for making Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival such a success!  There is no hierarchy or order that would be appropriate to show my and Community Link�s gratitude. So I will use the term �first off��

First off, I would like to thank everyone involved, we could not have made Pride bright and colorful without all of you.

To put on such a large and expensive event, Community Link�s Fresno Rainbow Pride has to relay on an array of individuals for planning, implementation and execution.   From brain storming, organizing, purchasing, reserving, ordering, networking, staffing, attending meetings, to all of the physically hard work.

Fresno Rainbow Pride depends on the majority of the Community Link Board of Directors, who also play roles during the planning and/or are the-day-of-the-event staff. We have Fresno Rainbow Pride committee coordinators, who play the major role of planning and organizing the festivities. Then, we have many individuals that are the-day-of-the-event staff: they are significant key factors in making the day go smoothly; and finally, all of the Pride volunteers that come out to set up the festival, act as safety monitors, work the gate, coordinate the parade entries, take pictures of the event, work with getting the venders to their spots and get them their tables and chairs, work our concession stands, are stage managers, and - hugely important - help us tear down and clean up the parade and festival areas!

I could not possibly do the work I do without my husband, Juan Bustamante�s support and assistance. I lean and depend on him to keep me moving and going. Every year he has consistently taken on more and more for me and the community. It is truly only for the love he has for me, and truth be told he would rather give up all of this community organizing to have a simpler life and to be able to just sit back and enjoy this unique cultural event. He will often tell folks that he has not been able to watch the parade since 2003, the year Community Link took over the annual Pride Celebration.

I have a female co-chair at Community Link, Lorraine Wing, who handles delivering all of our permit applications to the city and secures police signatures for the California Alcoholic Beverage Control applications for our special one-day beer and wine license, two huge headaches. She runs interference between these bureaucracies and the organizing committee. This means lots of running back and forth to get all the concerns that come up addressed so that we can move forward. She is our �honey-do,� catching all kinds of odds and ends, like repairing the rock work on the old ornamental fountain at our Rainbow Parkette, or dead-heading the spent blossoms, or planting, weeding and trimming the Parkette plantings. This year she ran all over town to find the best rate for new trash cans and tables, something that was within our limited budget.  She found a new trophy shop for our Grand Marshal plaques and Parade awards. Lorraine and a group of volunteers folded the couple hundred t-shirts and labeled each volunteer�s shirt based on size and committee duties. She is our ice deliverer and spends the whole day working our concession stand and then stays until the end to help pack everything up!

Kirk Caldwell, while not working as a committee member this year, is irreplaceable. He is our graphics designer, our webmaster, T-shirt layout artist, program book coordinator, ad designer, poster and flyer and billboard and banner layout artist, festival site plan designer; he develops the booth layout map, chalks out the individual festival spaces, develops our PSAs for radio promotions and - most of the time - catches all of my spelling and grammar errors. This is just a sampling of what he does for Fresno Rainbow Pride. He does tons of other stuff for Community Link, such as the website, NewsLink calendar and Valley pages, and the radio show �It�s a Queer Thang.�

Kevin Caldwell, Kirk�s husband, does all of the running with Kirk and there is a lot of it.  Kevin is also the secretary for Community Link and is one of our distributors for NewsLink.

Our admission charge at the festival gate is where we recoup our seed fund money. For the past few years, Bryce has been our Gate Coordinator and he has just the right amount of charisma and that �door bouncer� physique that can clam down most folks, and not be physically intimidated and pushed around. He is definitely a huge benefit to our bottom line. Our other regular gate person, Sherilynne, is a pro at getting people into the festival quickly, handles the money well, and like Bryce doesn�t take crap from anyone. Without the both of them we would surely be in the poor house.

Mark McKay, Andrew Strambi and Ron & Jerry are Community Link board members,  who donate their time the entire Pride day at the beer and wine booth. These four work their asses off to safeguard our ability to have the beer garden and to serve the thirsty crowds. Jerry and Carol, personal friends of Mark and Andrew�s, have also been trusted and dependable beer attendants for at least the past three years.

Roy Rodriguez, a former Community Link board member, continues to help make sure that no underage person gets any alcohol. He is our Carder Extraordinaire. He is a very vital component in safeguarding our liquor license. He helps move the lines along quite quickly. He also gives up his whole Pride day to make us successful!

Rachel Joy Bowman handles all of the equipment rentals, logistics and items needed for making the festival happen. She is totally amazing about getting us the best deal possible and getting businesses in the festival area involved with Pride. She is extremely dependable and she keeps me on my toes.

Sara Martinez, while not a committee member this year, was a life-saver for us this year, taking her final class exam early to free up her Saturday to be able to come work the Festival! She single-handedly organized a new check-in/check-out process to make it easier for all concerned. She also brought her wife Sabina, family and friends to help our younger person in training, Tiff, our official booth coordinator, who was pressed into service due to a huge shortage in staff. Tiff showed a lot of courage in jumping in and taking on a job she had never done before. Tiff is a young person with a huge amount of potential. She is also being trained to be a board operator/producer for �It�s a Queer Thang.�

Rachel �Banana� Wilson is another young person with amazing potential. She is a Community Link board member, Fresno Rainbow Pride committee member in charge of volunteers, and the future facilitator of the Fresno GLBTQ Youth Alliance. Rachel is probably the most amazing young person I have worked with in many years. She organizes herself and all other youth who make up the biggest part of our festival volunteers. She and JoJo, her boyfriend/ally, really took total responsibility to water our Parkette this year and have kept it green.

Crystal Macias is another Fresno Rainbow Pride committee member-at-large. She was asked to fill any need that the committee had: stuffing envelopes, helping to create mailing lists, creating e-mail address lists, loading and unloading trucks, and helping with the Partkette. Crystal is also a peer facilitator of the Fresno Youth Alliance (along with Rachel), helps with mailing out NewsLink every month to our subscribers and advertisers, and assists with maintaining the community archives.

These young people were our Parkette volunteers: Banana, JoJo, Crystal, Tiff, Bobby, Luna and OZ. Also helping with the parkette this year were Juan, Lorraine, Rachel Bowman, Jane and myself.

Our Parade coordinators, who make the Parade smooth and professional, are Patty Colucci, Cindy Williams, Elizabeth Dayton-Williams, Susan Kuhn and Jon Pace. This group shows up year after year and makes sure that everyone is organized and that the parade starts on time. Starting on time is a miracle in the gay community and they get it done every year!

Artemis Recovery Motorcycle Club, the L-Riders Fresno, and the Sacramento Dykes on Bikes had the biggest turn out we have seen in years for our motorcycle contingent, around 25 bikes! They brought back the days of old and it was great to see such a large turn out.

Peter Robertson has been my Parade grandstand co-emcee since 2003. He also works quietly behind the scenes and helps hold people accountable.  His contributions are numerous, but he is humble and does not look for recognition.

Chris and Luis have become godsends, as they are true work horses and bust their assess off to help get the festival set up and ready to be opened at 11am. They then stick around and help disassemble the whole festival site including taking down the fence.

Our concession stands were ran by long time volunteers Kat and her daughter, David McGee - one of Community Link�s Fresno GLBTQ Youth Alliance�s adult facilitators, Lorraine, Juan and a new helper.

The Fresno GLBTQ Youth Alliance�s �Sweet Spot� bakery goods booth was coordinated by Ryan Rickert and Kristen Rodriguez. They are two of the youth group�s other adult facilitators.  They were crazed baking queens extraordinaires, helping raise money for the youth prom in July. 

I was fortunate this year to have a volunteer that hauled me around the Tower District the day of the event: Terri, a Deputy Sheriff Officer, my own personal driver and bodyguard. It made responding to crisis calls for my attention much easier, especially since I am always needed where I am not� Either the festival area, or half a mile away at the parade setup area or at the grand stand. Terri was the best thing since white bread. Another helpful was Betty, another Deputy Sheriff Officer, who came to one of the meetings and stuffed and labeled mailings and other odds and ends.

Zoyer Zyndel wrote all of our press releases and was the back stage manager of the entertainment tent, along with Frank Delgado (a straight ally, who�s the Program Director for KFCF 88.1 FM during the day). Frank also developed some Pride outreach materials directed to the progressive straight community.

A big part of the festivities is the Unison Dance Tent, that is organized by DJ Binx, who was one of our Grand Marshals this year. Unison,with an amazing array of local DJs and GoGo boys & girls from Unzipped and Club Papi is the main attraction for many. It�s �The Hottest Dance Party� in the valley and the thanks go to Binx! Thanks go to Veni Vidi Vici for the use of their lot so we could all dance the day away.

Johnny O did a fantastic job of emceeing on stage of the entertainment tent and was a real trooper in troubleshooting problems that arose; he put in a full day of gab for everyone�s enjoyment! Speaking of the entertainment tent, thank you to Angels of Grace, who allowed us to use their back lot for that area!

This year, special thanks go to two groups that truly saved the entertainment tent: The California Ground Pounders (nationally awarding winning country cloggers under the direction of Barry Welch), and a new group, the Fresno Cali Drag Kings! Without them we would not have had much of a show. Both of these amazing groups revved up the crowds and put on a fantastic show. Rounding out the show were Patsy Del Rey, FeFe �D� Channel, Anthony Alvarez aka Lady Gaga, Maylisha and Raging Grannies of Fresno. Of the scheduled performers only 40% actually showed up�

Our sincerest apologies go out to one of the entertainers, Anna Knee-Cola, who received a family emergency call and had been told she would go on �next�, before she had to leave. But communication between our stage manager, the emcee, and myself was totally screwed up and none of us got the message correct. Anna Knee-Cola, I am truly sorry for not getting you on stage before we started to hand out the Grand Marshal presentations and awards!

The awards ceremony is the one aspect of the entertainment tent that must be conducted on schedule due the dignitaries and politicians that are present at that time. The Grand Marshals: Bianca �Binx� Lopez, Empress Chantal Del Fuego Huntley (who was not able to be present), Justin Kamimoto of MyLGBT+, Veronica Salmeron and the LGBTQ Task Force of Fresno County, Brian Bishop (who was also not able to be present) and Judge David A Gottlieb were gracious in sharing their time and were well received by the audience. Thank you to Shay Ashton who worked on the Grand Marshal bios for the Program Book, along with MyLGBT+ and myself!

The Parade Awards went to:

- The Largest Contingent Award: The First Congregational Church of Fresno (The Big Red Church)

- The Most Festive Award: The Express

- The Best Float Award: Club Legends

- The CEO�s Award: WestCare

We also honored three Volunteers of the Year: Chris Armendariz and Rene Salas for their fantastic work on Pride fundraising, and JoJo Butler, an ally, who made sure the Parkette was a wonderful green space for everyone to enjoy.

Kids Like Us hosted the children�s fun zone, thanks to Robin McGehee. A very special thanks to Sara and Sabina for the kids� goodie bags and to Melissa and Diane for their donations for kids! Also, thank you to Babylon Nightclub for allowing us to use their parking lot.

Thanks to our official photographers: Dan Waterhouse, Crystal Macias and Phillip Del Rio, we will be able to preserve this day of queer history. CMAC and Rachel Bowman and Lon worked to videotape the parade and interviewed community members about their take on Pride 2012, so that there will be TV presence of the event for those who were not able to attend the celebration.

All of this work would not mean a thing without our sponsors, Pride Partners, and Fundraisers. Thank-yous cannot say enough to these individuals and businesses.

Our sponsors (a total of $11,050 in cash):

Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino - $3,000

The Imperial Dove Court de Fresno / Madera, Inc. - $2,000

Donaghy Sales - $2,000

PG&E Pride Network - $1,500

Club Legends - $1,000

The Express - $500

The Red Lantern / North Tower Circle - $500

Golden State Bears - $400

SAFE - $150

Bare Foot Wines & Bubbly � in-kind services / products

Fresno REEL Pride � in-kind services / products

KFCF 88.1 FM - Media Sponsor

GayFresno.com � Media Sponsor

GayCentralValley � Media Sponsor

Community Alliance � Media Sponsor


Our 2012 Pride Partners:

Eric Biglione

Rene Salas

Rachel Bowman

Dr Sue Stone

Peter Robertson & Victor Kral

Susan Kuhn

Danny Goldstein & Archie Lansangan

Jim Daggs

Robin Greiner & Ellis Vance

Donald Passmore

Jane Hudson

Randy Carpenter

David McGee

David Klingensmith & Jeffrey Fay

Richard Jennings & Peyton Bryars

Richard Stone & Avigdar Adams

Renay Rodriguez

Michael Butler and John Tippon

Don Neufeld

Sue Leaverton & Carol Parks

Benjamin Lock

Wayne Boos

Angela & Jonni Pettit

Terry Story

Betty Harris & Sue Miller


Our Fundraisers (a total of $4,880)

�It�s On For Pride� @ North Tower Circle - $3,012 (Chris Armendariz and Rene Salas�s show)

�Uniform In Pride� Bust @ The Phoenix - $159

Fresno Cali Drag Kings show @ North Tower Circle - $900

Youth Alliance Car Wash �$100

Tacos Marquitos� �Dine Out For Pride� - $459

Cover Girls� Pre-Pride show @ Club Legends - $250




It takes quite a bit to put on Fresno Rainbow Pride. Plus the funds are needed early in the game to pay for many aspects of the Pride event: down payments, permit fees, security deposits, etc. Everyone from the City of Fresno to the County of Fresno to our contractors to security to insurance, almost everything must be paid in advance! Without getting the funding up front we are put further behind the eight ball. Our Pride Partners understand this and so do most of our sponsors. However we are still waiting for over $6,000 in promised sponsorships to come in! It�s the proverbial �check in the mail.�

To all the volunteers whose efforts, time and energy make the event possible, I thank you on behalf of the whole community. There is no way to thank you enough.

Thanks must also go out to all of the festival venders, parade participants and you - the amazing audience and pride party-goers.

If I have overlooked mentioning anyone, please accept may apology.  You are all a big part of making Fresno Rainbow Pride the largest gay event in the Valley!

In the end, the 2012 Fresno Rainbow Pride was a success. A hot success. We had old friends and new friends (such as GAP, Inc.) join us for an amazingly queer day of celebration, honoring the 1969 Stonewall Riots and a very happy birthday of the Gay Rights Movement.

Until next year!



Pride celebrations this year included more than our annual Parade & Festival.


Dedication of The Tribute Tree at The Rainbow Parkette/Pride Plaza

"In memory of all the victims of anti Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and

Transgender bullying, Community Link dedicates this tree as a living reminder of the lives that have been adversely affected by the words and actions of the bullies and by the inaction of a silent majority. May this Tree stand forever in this space we have claimed as our own, the Rainbow Parkette & Pride Plaza."

This space, that Community Link has unofficially reclaimed from the City of Fresno is a small piece of land that we can call our own.

Officially it is a street median and owned by the City of Fresno. For 19 years this area has been an eyesore at our annual Pride

Celebration. Wanting to clean this area up and create a green space for the community, we started cleaning, pruning, weeding, mowing, and watering.

This area includes a small grass lawn area with an old fountain/sculpture designed by a renowned Armenian artist. This feature has long passed being operational and is in bad condition. We have given it new life as a large planter with flower and succulents.

Two planter areas, one with a large old tree and the second area is where Community Link has planted the Tribute Tree, roses, purple, pink an white flowers and four flag poles.

Additionally Community Link has also been caring for the two street trees and has planted a variety of flowers and plants underneath them.

Community Link�s appreciation goes out to: PG&E who has provide volunteers and community grants for the maintenance and tree planting. Lorraine, Rachel W, Crystal, and Rachel B for the daily task of watering, and all of the volunteers

that came out on clean up days. Tree Fresno for their Tribute Tree Program. Scott & Natalie Miller and their Gazebo Gardens.


Caucus Meet & Greet 

Meet & Greet with the California Legislative LGBT Caucus at the downtown community art collective the night before the Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade & Festival was a nice evening with 3 of the caucus and their partners. Senator Christine Kehoe, the chair of the LGBT Caucus, Assemblymember Richard Gordon, and

Assemblymember Toni Atkins presented Community Link with a Framed certificate of recognition that read:

State of California Senate

Certificate of Recognition

Presented to

Community link, Inc.

in recognition of the

21st annual central valley &

Fresno Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, &

Transgender (GLBT)

Pride Parade and Festival

Saturday June 4, 2011

With its theme of �Legally proud,�

the Fresno Rainbow Pride serves as a

cultural earmark of a very diverse

and unique community, celebrating

the culture, accomplishments, and

contributions of the lesbian, gay,

bisexual, and transgender people


Christine Kehoe

Senator, 39th district

Chair, California Legislative

LGBT Caucus

Assemblymember Ricardo Lara joined the other members of the Caucus later that night. The Caucus delegation was able to meet the other grand marshals and members of the local community in a relaxed setting at dcac (downtown community arts collective) and enjoy some refreshments. The dcac was a perfect setting as Senator Kehoe�s partner is an artist herself.


The Amazing spirit of Pride

This year�s Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival defied all odds to be an uplifting event.

In a year when everything that could go wrong did, the community rallied back and turned out in huge numbers.

Fresno Rainbow Pride struggled against shrinking sponsorships, a depressed economy, and an over all community that had decreased discretionary income. A very ugly environment in which to conduct fundraising activities.

Add to that that the city was more exacting then ever as they dealt with their own financial difficulties. Hitting the parade with an expected fee of $1,600.00 to cover their presence at the parade , a fee we have been been charged for and one that we were not given notice of until May 19th, 16 days before the event and which needed to be paid by May 27th. The Equipment/Logistical committee chair having, in her words �major abdominal surgery� (sexual reassignment surgery) and

could not be reached by phone the two weeks before the event and having several equipment venders cancelling on us. Problems getting the city to sign off on the permit due to their own internal procedures. Traffic control will not even look at the permit application to have the parade until the week of the event.

AND then Mother Nature opened the heavens up and rained on our parade and festival all day long.

But the beautiful spirit of the community shined through and turned out in mass to watch the parade in a sea of colorful umbrellas. AND after the parade they flooded the festival making

it a delightful, rocking crowd that partied the day away in the rain. Who would have guessed. Plus no evil bitches melted after getting wet. It was truly a Rainbow Pride Miracle.

The other miracle was that Fresno Rainbow Pride didn�t go bankrupt (despite not charging cover fee due to the rain) and made a very, very small profit.


Our revenue producing activities saw a 50% reduction from last year (the gate, plus the beer, and the drink sales in the rain  were half of what was expected.)

The highlights: The Big Red Church marched with 97 members

strong earning them the Largest contingent award. The North Tower Circle took best float award, Koi R Us won the most

festive entry, and the CEO�s award went to Wesley Celebration/

Methodist Church for their �Born This Way� marching unit and float.

There were 71 entries in the parade and 87 booths in the festival. Including mounted cowboy & cowgirls on their steeds, hula hoopers, flag cores, and drag queens galore. Bounce houses for kids, a jostling arena for adults and an amazing array of entertainment (featuring the return of Dario, who was kicking off his national tour in Fresno, and performers from the local production of RENT) and a rocking dance tent.

Food, Fun, and Fabulousness!

Grand Marshals for 2011: Robin McGehee, Matt Mazzei, Andrew McIntosh, Bill Welzenbach, California Legislative LGBT Caucus.

Robin McGehee is a transplant from Jackson, Miss., who received

her M.A. in human communication, with an emphasis on public speaking, interpersonal and intercultural communication, from Fresno State. She is an instructor at College of the Sequoias and believes that we shape the world!� She has been honored with the �Martin Luther King Jr.� award for her work with Youth Empowerment, as well as a �Freedom of Speech� award from the Fresno Free College Foundation, which operates KFCF 88.1 FM. She worked for four years with the GSA Network and Fresno Reel Pride Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. McGehee helped organize Meet in the Middle for Equality, a statewide reaction to the passage of Prop. 8; and co-directed the successful National Equality March in Washington, D.C. Recently, she co-founded GetEqual.org, a political action organization. She has been arrested twice after being handcuffed to the White House fence as a way to draw attention to the needed repeal of �don't ask, don't tell.� She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Robin McGehee may be contacted via GetEQUAL @ www.getequal.org.


Matthew Mazzei, a native of Fresno, is the founder of the Rainbow Delegation, a campaign that has quickly become an international effort to provide a visual presence of support

for the LGBTQ community by wearing rainbow-colored wristbands. Since the fall of 2010, the Rainbow Delegation has managed to provide, free-of-charge, more than 50,000

wristbands to people in 60-plus countries. The Rainbow Delegation project has been highlighted in The Hanford

Sentinel and The Pride, the student newspaper of San Joaquin Memorial High School. He has been selected by Advocate magazine as �A reason to have pride in 2011� and is featured in

the June 2011�Pride� issue. �The rainbow is a universal symbol

of pride, strength and community,� says Mazzei. �Simply wearing a rainbow wristband shows others that you support them and that they belong.� He is currently pursuing a master's degree in music at Fresno State. When he is not focusing his efforts on the

administration of the Rainbow Delegation, Mazzei performs his

duties as concertmaster of the Fresno State Symphony Orchestra and as a violinist in the Fresno Philharmonic

and Fresno Grand Opera.

See Matthew Mazzei and the Rainbow Delegation @ www.rainbowdelegation.org.


Andrew McIntosh graduated from State University of New York College at Oneonta with a B.S. in adolescence education. As a student, he was a cocaptain on the Red Dragons' Lacrosse

Team. During his senior season he �came out� on an online essay featured on OutSports.com. It touched the hearts of people across the world and he was featured in notable publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. In June 2010, McIntosh was featured in Advocate magazine as �One of 150 reasons to have pride.� This was followed by being named to Out magazine's Out 100 list - an honor that recognized �100 influential men and women that have inspired, changed and shaped the world in 2010.�

�Proudly define yourself through your experiences of resiliency and triumph,� says McIntosh. �Always remember those who have supported you and maintain relentless empathy for those who need time to understand.� Currently he resides in Fresno and is a teacher, coach and professional speaker. This fall, McIntosh will pursue a master�s degree counseling.

Andrew McIntosh may be reached @ www.facebook.com/AndrewMcIntosh27.


The Life Time Achievement Grand Marshal, Bill Welzenbach is a well- known figure in the Fresno area. Since the early 1960's, Bill has been the area's leading gardening expert, affiliated with  many garden clubs and organizations. He holds the title 'Consultant Rosarian Emeritus' from the American Rose Society and is one of the most senior rosarians on the West Coast. He has been the Rosarian in Residence at Gazebo Gardens Nursery since 1980. Bill was born in Wolf Point, Montana in 1933, the oldest of six siblings. Growing up in rural Montana during the Great Depression taught Bill the value of self- reliance and hard work. As a young man in 1954, he came to California for a visit and liked it here so much he never left. At a time when the Central Valley was not considered the Gay-Friendliest place on Earth, Bill was out and proud. He met Bob Cotter, the love of his life, in 1957 and they were married in 1958. They lived together in Fresno until Bob's untimely passing in 1988. For over forty  years Bill has been a mentor, friend, and surrogate parent to many.


Jeff R. event coordinator

Rachel B. secretary

Juan B. treasurer

Sara M., Josh K. vendor coordinators

Jaymi M. volunteer coordinator

Zoyer Z. public relations

Kevin C. & Kirk C. program, website, printing & design

Rick & The Rock - Members at large


Jeff R. parade emcee

Peter R. parade emcee

Patty C., Cindy W., Elizabeth W., John P. parade setup

Tom H. parade flow

Dan W. photography

Nigel M. roving reporter

Rachel B. equipment coordinator

Zoyer Z., Jaymi M. stage managers

Kevin C., Kirk C., Bryce T. gate

Juan B., Lorraine W., David M., Kat & daughter, Sherilynne Community Link booth

Mark McK., Andrew S., Ron & Jerry, Roy R. beer & wine

Sara M., Josh K., Julian, Ray, Sara C., Reggie L., Teresa, Sabina vendor setup

Cisco M., Terry S. dance tent 

Lady Hit - festival emcee








Media Sponsors -



The 2010 Fresno Rainbow Pride has come and gone with a huge BANG!

It is estimated that close to 5,000 people lined Olive Avenue or sat in Tower restaurants, coffee and tea houses to watch the largest parade (over 70 contingents) in the annual event�s 20 year history. Flags flew high and proudly in the newly created Rainbow Parkette/Pride Plaza inside the Pride festival area where the crowds measuring close to 2,500 came to together to join in queer culture at its best. This year saw the host organization, Community Link, expand its borders to accommodate so many merchandise vendors, food and information booths - the largest participation to date (over 90 booth spaces).

Activities included the Interpretations� Dance Pavilion, an entertainment pavilion featuring the Raging Grannies, California Ground Pounders, Ballroom LIVE, and Drag sensations: Diva-Licious, Ariel, Anna Conda, Mizz Monique Moore, and Edison High School teenagers MATA.

Thank you and see you next year!

Photos can be found in June issue of NewsLink on pages 1, 14, 15 and 28; on gayfresno.com and queerfresno.com and probably many others - and videos of the Parade have also been posted on Youtube!

Grand Marshals for 2010 Pride were:
Kay Vanderford
and Jules Mastro.
Thank you for your service to the community!

  • 2010 Sponsors -

    PURPLE level -

    BLUE level -

    GREEN level -

    YELLOW level -

    ORANGE level -

    RED level -



    Jeff R. CEO, Co-Chair

    Lorraine W. Co-Chair

    Kevin C. Secretary

    Juan B. Treasurer

    Renee P. Gray Alliance representative

    Kay T., Kirk C., Mark McK., Andrew S., Adam A., Ron & Jerry Members at large


    Jeff R. event coordinator

    Rachel B. secretary

    Juan B. treasurer

    Sara M., Josh K. vendor coordinators

    Jaymi M. volunteer coordinator

    Zoyer Z. public relations

    Kevin C. & Kirk C. program, website, printing & design

    Rick & The Rock - Members at large


    Jeff R. parade emcee

    Peter R. parade emcee

    Patty C., Cindy W., Elizabeth W., John P. parade setup

    Tom H. parade flow

    Dan W. photography

    Nigel M. roving reporter

    Rachel B. equipment coordinator

    Zoyer Z., Jaymi M. stage managers

    Kevin C., Kirk C., Bryce T. gate

    Juan B., Lorraine W., David M., Kat & daughter, Sherilynne Community Link booth

    Mark McK., Andrew S., Ron & Jerry, Roy R. beer & wine

    Sara M., Josh K., Julian, Ray, Sara C., Reggie L., Teresa, Sabina vendor setup

    Cisco M., Terry S. dance tent 

    Lady Hit - festival emcee


Logo designed by Bryan Beckstrand of Woodpecker Studios.

The sponsors of Pride that year were:



BLUE level -



GREEN level -

The Official Wine & Bubbly of Fresno Pride


YELLOW level -


RED level -

And thank you for personal Pride 2009 donations (totalling $3,255!!!) to:

Donald Passmore in memory of Mildred Passmore $1,000
Ron Wilson $500
Terry Story $250
Susan Kuhn $200
Lillian Faderman $200
Dan Waterhouse $100
Tom Hayhurst $100
Peter Robertson $100
Rachel's Project $100
Ruben Hunter $100
Lee Palmer $100
Larry Schiller $75
Richard Stone & Avigdar Adams $50
Michael Butler $25
Cynthia Callaghan $25
Victor Kral $25
Eric Biglione $25
and Central California Alliance members:
Rainbow Lock & Key $50, Jim Daggs $100, Robin Greiner & Ellis Vance $100, Sue Stone $30.

Emcees included:

Jeffery Robinson, Peter Robertson and Brandon Nicole Smith (parade); Jeffery Robinson, Rey Pulido, Paris Nicole, Brandon Nicole Smith (festival).

Entertainment included: Fresno Gay Men's Chorus, Hop Skotch Heroes, Dragity Kane, Shannon Price, Crystal Vera, Alifah Ali, Andrea Paquin, Asian Dance Troupe, Ejector, Dance Fuzzion, Julie F*****g Potter

Please visit the entertainers' websites above for more information, photos and music samples!

The entertainers below don't have a website:

Shannon Price

Crystal Vera

Dance Fuzzion



   �I was born and raised in NY.  I lived there off and on for most of my life.  I was raised in a conservative, conventional Italian Catholic family and their value system was mine until I was 18. At 18 I became a "hippie" went to Woodstock, traveled around the country, living in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Connecticut.
   How did I get started in the field of HIV? GRID had grabbed my attention with the little information that was on the News. This gay cancer that was killing gay men. Even though it was said it was no health threat I felt it would affect many people.
   When I became pregnant with my daughter I suggested I be tested for the virus, my Doctor refused telling me I had no risk factors. I was not in the risk group, even confessing to multiple sexual partners did not change his decision. His refusal to test me scared me, and I could not find anyone else to test me. My child was born healthy so I forgot about it for a little while. 
   HIV/AIDS came out again in a conversation with my father who made a remark saying it was a disease of gays and drug addicts and it was GOD�s revenge. His remark angered and amazed me and  is probably the reason I am on this journey.
   I made myself very aware of  both GRID in the early days and now HIV/AIDS. It hit close to home, when I went back to school and work. My boss was a gay man, promiscuous gay man. I also worked with some people that believed they were not affected by this disease. My first truly personal encounter with the virus was my boss�s ex lover, who died of AIDS. I also did my internship for college in a drug rehab center. This all took place in the late 80�s early 90�s in Rhinebeck, New York. The program director of the rehab facility was HIV positive and an HIV+ counselor's son went to the same pre-school as my daughter. More than 50% of other staff and clients were HIV positive. Some of the acts of courage and compassion I saw surrounded my heart. My world became more closely involved with HIV/AIDS.
   I have now worked a total of 15 years in the field of HIV and 9 of those years within Fresno County at The Living Room.
   Since then I have been involved with the following:
* 6 years on CPWC (Community Planning Working Council) and co-chair for 5 years on this committee,
* 4 years on the planning committee for WAD (World AIDS Day),
* 1 � years on CHPG (California HIV/ADS Planning Group), the State Advisory Group, including one year as a co-chair,
* 6 years as an invested member with IDC (Imperial Dover Court de Fresno/Madera Inc.) where I also served as a board member,
* active in events to benefit the community such as: Gay Pride Parade, Reel Pride, GSA Events and other public events centered around the community!
   What keeps me going? I still believe there is a disparity in how people with this disease are perceived, treated and taken care of. I want to see a day when there is a cure for this disease or at minimum a preventative vaccine. I want see a day for those that are HIV positive and that they are not discriminated against in any way, shape or form.�


   �I was born in Seattle, Washington, but lived all over the world growing up (my Dad was in the Air Force, and we moved a lot!). I consider Las Vegas my home town, since that's where my family settled down after my dad left the military.
   How did I end up in Fresno 26 years ago? I was working at a TV station in Bakersfield, when a weatherman friend of mine at Channel 47 (KJEO back then, not KGPE) told me about a weekend anchor opening. I applied, and two weeks later, I started on the air here! It's been a great ride ever since. I've had the chance to do some amazing things:
* I flew with the Navy's Blue Angels!
* I rode from Hong Kong to Japan for three days on board the Aircraft Carrier "Constellation."
* Covering the big Coalinga earthquake in 1983. We flew out there in a helicopter, then raced around town like madmen grabbing whatever footage we could get! I loved it!
* Live shots from Disneyland several times a year... especially fun at 5:00am when the park is completely empty! And how about broadcasting live while riding �Space Mountain� - sitting next to Michael Giacchino, the Academy-Award nominated composer? He'd written new music for the indoor coaster, and more recently - he wrote the music for the new "Star Trek" movie!
* On another Disney trip to Anaheim, I rode the new "Toy Story Mania" 3D attraction with John Lassiter, the head of Pixar! When the ride broke down while we were on it, I got to chat with him for about half-an-hour until we were finally rescued. This was right before Pixar's "Wall-E" was about to open in theaters, and he talked about how much his kids loved the movie, and how he hoped American audiences would react the same way!
* Yet another Disney story: because of the relationships I've built with Disney's P.R. people over the years, I was given first shot at interviewing Disney CEO Michael Eisner during the park's 50th anniversary. I remember the crew from CNN glaring at me, as they waited for their turn. They were no doubt thinking - "Why does this guy from FRESNO get to go ahead of us???" Ha!
* I interviewed Julie Andrews that same day at Disneyland . Can you imagine sitting next to Mary Poppins? Amazing!
* I did live shots from the openings of Mandalay Bay & The Monte Carlo, and from the top of the Stratosphere! Interviewed some of the Sin City's best magicians too, including David Copperfield &  Lance Burton.
* I help find homes for hundreds of animals during our weekly � Pet Place� segments on the noon news.
   Those are just a few memorable moments from my years at 47...
   What do I love most about my job? Helping to raise money for various charities or worthy causes. Whether it be the AIDS team, the Imperial Dove Court, the Living Room, the SPCA, local Kiwanis Clubs, Fresno/Clovis schools... whatever!  If I can help with fundraisers, I'm more than willing to be there.
   Thanks for allowing me to be part of Fresno Pride 2009!�


    Kay & Renee have been together and �out� for over 23 years. They remind me of the older lesbian couple in Holly Near's song �Hattie and Mattie�, who live their lives to the fullest celebrating all the lives they touch and loving every moment.
   Over 9 years ago Renee and Kay stepped forward and offered to co-facilitate Community Link's Gray Alliance, a social support group for older gays and lesbians. They have done this with much love, care and good humor, turning the group into an extended family. They are much beloved by all of the folks whose lives they have touched.
   Renee and Kay are mothers, grandmothers, and feminists. Both are professional women with a heart, who have worked in the healing and caring fields.
   Renee is a retired Nurse Practitioner, who was the first to go into private practice in Los Angeles. She managed and provided clinical services at the Westside Women's Clinic, a feminist organization. She has been published in a prestigious medical journal and was a contraceptive researcher in an FDA study.
   Kay is a former teacher and is currently a social worker in the field of foster care and adoptions. She speaks several languages, including Spanish and is fluent in American Sign Language. Kay was a co-writer for the first anti-bias curriculum for young children.
   Both are practicing Buddhist meditators with a combined experience of 57 years. Renee is currently leading meditation groups in Fresno and Clovis.
   They are active in many social justice causes including the lesbian, feminist, gay, bi, transsexual, health care, civil rights, women's and anti-war movements in politics in Los Angeles and Fresno, and say they will "FOREVER BE." 

by Jeffery Robinson