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"Those Damn Queens" Questionnaire

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Are you one of "those damn queens"?...

News Link is happy to announce a new feature honoring our amazing damn Drag Queens. Each month News Link will chose to highlight a Drag Diva with a set of kampy and fun questions and serious inquiries into the lives and personal history of our outrageously courageous brothers in drag.

The column will focus attention on an old school drag entertainer one month and an up-and-coming starlette the next. There will be a photo spread of their most creative creations, over the top FACE, and sick performance. Plus they will be spilling all the tea and all their secrets of the trade.

If you are a Drag Queen and want to be featured in this ongoing column simply complete our questionnaire on-line and submit 10 color pictures of your performance and drag creations that showcase your creativity. The pictures need to be of a good quality, in PDF format, and have at least 300 dpi resolution. Send them to

You will find our questionnaire below:

1. Your drag name
2. Your real name
3. As a child, when was the first time you played dress up in your mamma's or Auntie Mame's clothing?
4. Tell us about the first time you did drag.
5. What was the first song you performed to?
6. What was your most embarrassing memory while in drag?
7. What has been your proudest drag moment?
8. Who are/were your role models?
9. What do you hate most about doing drag?
10. What do you love the most about doing drag?
11. Give us a famous quote that best defines you as a drag queen.
12. In only three words tell us who you are?
13. What is your favorite drag tip for doing face?
14. What is your most loved piece of drag wear?
15. What is your boy shoe size and is your girl pump size?
16. Where do you find your drag?
17. Favorite place to perform at?
18. After a long night of drag where do you go?
19. What is your current cocktail of choice?
20. Where do you go from here?
News Link's editing board reserves the right to edit submission to stay within our Content and Images Policy (see page 3). News Link also reserves the right use submissions in our own time frame. All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness to the values of News Link, Community Link, and the LGBT community for fairness. No personal attacks will be allowed and may lead to submissions to be rejected.
News Link requires contact information, including a phone number and email address, for each drag queen personality that will be highlighted and it is conceivable that a reporter may contact you to clarify and possibly add to your submission.

21. Your phone number
22. Your city of residence
23. Your e-mail address